As a facilitator and trainer I specialise in communicating ideas effectively and helping people to develop their creative confidence.

I’ve worked around the world designing and implementing innovative solutions for businesses, public organisations, non-government organisations, international development agencies and the tertiary education sector – including start-up and innovation driven projects.

Along with my journalism work, I train journalists, media professionals, j-students and consult media organisations – mainly through international media development agencies, in-house workshops and journalism schools.

From broadcast to digital to mobile journalism, I enjoy sharing my skills, experience and experimenting with digital media. As with storytelling, training people and communicating ideas is a life-long journey. I am constantly refining my training skills and methodologies to offer workshops that challenge and inspire trainees.

It’s about telling a good story

As a journalist, storytelling is really at the heart of the training I offer. Workshops should also be more than presentations or brainstorming. I like getting colleagues excited about learning, doing and sharing. Being creative. Thinking about design. Putting big ideas into action. Learning through play. Hacking things and jamming. Rapid prototyping. And, quite simply, making training an enjoyable experience.

Below is an overview of workshops I’ve conducted recently. Please do not hesitate to get in touch about developing a training workshop to meet the needs of your organisation.

As print and broadcast newsrooms make the transition to digital, journalists need to think about developing their skills to design and produce multimedia stories for different platforms and audiences. These workshops introduce colleagues to digital media tools, formats and workflows. And along with introducing new tools and skills, colleagues have the chance to build their creative confidence. Whether it’s working with Google tools or social media or visual storytelling applications, these workshops can be adapted to suit your organisation’s journalism training programme.
Clients: BBC Media Action, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Deutsche Welle, DW Akademie, IREX Europe, Thomson Foundation

HACKJAM (2 days)
Media organisations can find themselves stuck or failing to keep up with new technology, new platforms, new storytelling formats and a rapidly changing media landscape. This workshop is designed to help guide journalists to generate creative ideas, build a strategy and visualise rapid-prototypes of new editorial concepts and story formats – all in a collaborative manner to foster both team building and skill sharing. The workshop is hands on and very interactive. It’s designed to disrupt habitual thinking and draws inspiration from leading creative methodologies such as LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, Design Thinking and Hackathons.
Clients: IREX Europe

Using a smartphone for reporting is an essential skill for journalists. Along with storytelling and social media apps, these workshops guide participants through the essential skills and workflows for using their smartphone to gather still photos, audio and video.
Clients: DW Akademie, IREX Europe, MIZ Babelsberg, NBC,, TAG-IT, News International

From radio news to live talkback to documentaries. I have offered numerous workshops coaching journalists in radio journalism and production skills. I have also adapted courses to  focus on themes such as elections, politics, business, sport conflict, youth, science, environment and culture.
Clients: DW Akademie, IREX Europe

These workshops introduce participants to the essential camera skills; video story formats; and, video editing. The workshops can also be customised to focus on producing video for the web and/or video for social media platforms.
Clients: DW Akademie, IREX Europe

SOCIAL MEDIA  (1-2 Days)
Whether it’s your colleagues, peers or clients, engaging with your audience through social media is an essential professional communication skill. This workshop focuses on using social media networks as professional tools, and offer advice on developing ways to effectively communicate with your audience.
Clients: IREX Europe, DW Akademie, United Nations University, Hertie School of Governance

Millennials or “Digital Natives” might be comfy using digital technology, but are they savvy digital storytellers? These workshops introduce participants to digital tools and apps for producing and sharing stories as well as multimedia story formats and workflows. Workshops can be customised for students, educators, NGOs or communications professionals.
Clients: Hertie School of Governance, United Nations University

Training people or facilitating workshops and collaborative processes requires a special set of skills. Learning how to plan and conduct workshops that will inspire, engage and motivate your participants is the focus of this training. These workshops can be designed for general vocational training and facilitating or more specialised to take advantage of digital training tools and digital communication skills.
Clients: DW Akademie, IREX Europe


Please contact Guy for more information.