Media development

Deutsche Welle Akademie
Pop Up Dunga Beach, Kisumu, Western Kenya
Mobile Journalism | Lego Serious Play | Exploring Media & Public Spaces

This workshop with radio journalists in Western Kenya explored how to use smartphones to produce stories and media experiences with a community not just for a community. Using entry-level Android smartphones, journalists were guided through basic mobile reporting skills and worked towards their goal of transforming a village fish market into a multimedia exhibition space. The Pop Up Dunga Beach Project challenged journalists to think beyond broadcast media; to think about media as a trigger for an experience; to think about collaborative media making and to find out what happens when storytelling and public spaces intersect. An emphasis was placed on photojournalism and using a smartphone to produce materials for story formats that enable a radio journalist to literally tell a visual story such a short narrated audio slide-show, rather than produce something like a scripted video feature. Lego Serious Play was used intensively at the start of the workshop to trigger professional interest in mobile reporting and to find out more about colleagues’ aspirations and what matters most to them as journalists in their community.

BBC Media Action | AFP Foundation | IREX Europe

Media Neighbourhood


As an expert trainer with the European Union funded ENPI Media Neighbourhood project I designed and implemented short workshops focusing on multimedia and multiplatform journalism. Along with exploring essential digital storytelling skills, colleagues were introduced to using their smartphones for reporting and how to adapt their stories for different platforms. Over this extensive three year project (2013-2105), workshops were implemented in Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Egypt, Lebanon, Armenia, Jordan and Azerbaijan.

Journalism Training

Medieninnovationszentrum Babelsberg (MIZ)

Crossmedialen Stufenprogramm: Mobile Reporting – Story to Go

MIZ_cross_media_mojo_picAs a regular part of MIZ’s Cross Media training program, this intensive one day Story-to-Go course introduces colleagues to essential mobile reporting skills (Photography, Audio, Video); suggested MOJO workflows; useful cross-platform storytelling applications; as well as the latest mobile reporting equipment such as microphones, rigs and stabilisers. We also examine examples of mobile reporting and trends in producing content for mobile audiences. Attendees walk away with new skills, and most importantly, the confidence to start telling their own stories with a smartphone. It’s also a lot of fun!



Innovation Knowledge Transfer TTT+F: Deutsche Welle

Train-the-Trainer has long featured in journalism education, but just as much emphasis should also be placed on the F-word: Facilitating. This workshop coached journalists within DW’s Innovation teams in the skills of vocational training but also how to facilitate workshops or meetings that guide colleagues to develop the solutions they need. Journalists were introduced to interactive facilitation methods inspired by play-based approaches such as Lego Serious Play and Design Thinking practices. The highlight of this short workshop was developing plans and prototyping activities to temporarily transform a space inside Deutsche Welle’s studios in Bonn for knowledge transfer.


DW Akademie South2South #mediadev Lab

Bring together 21 people from around the world and help them to create prototypes of digital tools to foster freedom of expression. That was the goal of an intensive 3 day hackathon-style media development lab at DW Akademie in Bonn that fused Design Thinking practices with Lego Serious Play.

Social Media Dialogue

Deutsche Welle Akademie

Building_the_shared_modelDW Akademie hosted a Social Media Dialogue in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2015. Ten leading innovators and thinkers on social media from anglophone and francophone Africa came together for three days to share ideas on new digital trends on the continent. Lego Serious Play was one of several visual thinking tools applied to facilitate creative thinking and foster shared understanding between colleagues. A highlight of the dialogue was the development of shared model of What makes good governance in Africa? Lego became the lingua franca between English & French colleagues. Visualising and remixing complex ideas with Lego bricks helped everyone to find common ground and new ideas for their own projects.

Journalism & digital media

Newsgames Hackathon

‘Real time’ digital photography

newsgameshackThe brief was simple. Produce high quality images and video to document the hackathon in detail and make all materials available in near ‘real time’ for social media and news outlets under Creative Commons. The Fujifilm X100S camera with its almost silent leaf shutter was the perfect choice to document hacker teams at work without disturbing their activities. Photographs from the camera were uploaded to an iPad simultaneously via a WiFi SD card, lightly edited, tagged and uploaded to the hackathon blog and social media networks. The hackers loved having quick access to high quality images to share on social media and the images produced during the hackathon appeared in several publications including: El Pais, Guardian UK, Pages, Deutsche Welle & Data16.

Digital Safety Open Online Workshops

online_workshop_headerDigital safety knowledge and skills are essential for journalists worldwide. Drawing inspiration from eLearning, MOOCs, webinars and remote training concepts, this week long series of open online workshops was hosted at DW Akademie in Berlin. Our #digisafe team collaborated with leading digital security experts and data journalists to produce online workshops that were easy for anyone to participate. To facilitate an online training room the workshops were conducted using Adobe Connect.

Berlin designers manufacture bamboo bicycles (radio, web, photo gallery)

Consultancy: 34 Multimedia Magazine (Belarus)
Developing new digital strategy using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

UNICEF UK / The Guardian, Global Development
Filming and editing assignment in South Sudan.
Shot in HD edited in Final Cut Pro.

Documentary: Esklabo Iraken, Iraq (Basque/Spanish)
Documentary examining the lives of Bangladeshi labourers in Iraq
Filmed and co-produced with Borja Portuondo and Karlos Zurutuza.

Video: Deutsche Welle Online (German/English)
Destination Europe series.
Shot in HD with Panasonic GH2, edited on Final Cut Pro.

Video: UNICEF (Jordan)
Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees in northern Jordan
Shot with Panasonic GH2 and JVC HM-150, edited in Final Cut Pro

Video: BBC College of Journalism
Part of the citizen journalism guide

Video: Al Jazeera English (Abkhazia)
Abkhazia voices concern over Russian dominance
Filming and editing assignment with correspondent Matthew Collin.
Shot in HD and edited on Final Cut Pro

Video: Al Jazeera English (Abkhazia)
The space monkeys of Abkhazia
Filming and editing assignment with correspondent Matthew Collin.
Shot in HD and edited on Final Cut Pro