I’m a journalist. I tell stories. It took me a while to find this trade. Following my curiosity and talking to people is what I like about journalism. And, I’ll use literally any medium to document and tell a compelling story.

You could say my line of work is the feature story. I prefer a little more time, a little more space, and a little more reflection to work with words, images and sounds. I like producing visual stories: filling the frame full of ideas. But I also have a passion for recording the spoken word and rich natural sounds that appeal to our senses and emotions. This is what I do.




Along with my freelance journalism work, I train journalists and j-students and consult media organisations – mainly through international media development agencies, in-house workshops and journalism schools.

From broadcast to digital to mobile journalism, I enjoy sharing my skills, experience and experimenting with digital media. As with storytelling, training people and communicating ideas is a life-long journey. I am constantly refining my training skills and methodologies to offer workshops that challenge and inspire trainees. (more…)

Serious Play


You might only know LEGO as a child’s toy. But LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a dynamic facilitation method. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY  is about thinking differently, thinking with your hands. It’s a brilliant professional tool for strategies, creative thinking, problem solving and team-building. The bricks are a universal language and the metaphors that emerge from the models are a powerful way to unlock knowledge in a team.

You can think of playing with LEGO in a workshop as the ‘hand bone being connected to the brain bone’. And because the method is so interactive, it can unearth ideas that might not surface in a more traditional style of group meeting. I am a certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator and use this innovative and creative methodology in consultancies, media development workshops and journalism training. (more…)